BEST FIVE RELITY TV SHOW, a 45 minutes brands and personality ranking TV series, focused on five celebrity brand inspectors. Whose mission is to help the public verify authentic made in Nigeria products from state to state, through professional testing, analysis and public ranking.  In consonance with the goal 12 of the United Nations, to ensure responsible production and safe public consumptions. This program was created based on two reports, one from the INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND THE E- MARKETERS survey.

According to a recent ICC business action to stop counterfeiting and piracy (BASCAP) study, it is estimated that in 2013, between $470 billion and $597 billion of genuine economic activities was displaced by counterfeiting. . And In recent years this counterfeit industry is rapidly growing reaching an estimate value of up to US$917 billion. Sufficient enough to fund terrorism, war and crimes. Meaning the fake goods industry does not just hurt society but is the major hindrance to development generally because it damages; business tax, the economy and the general population.


Therefore the traditional marketing style and the consumers demand have changed. Because according to e-marketers, the cheap, effective and unregulated nature of the internet media has also engineered a stiff competition between both quarks and authentic brand owners for the consumer’s attention. Making millions of people fall victim daily to the abundance of fake and unregulated advert contents shared through new media technologies, like the internet and smart phones. Hence, the need for AUTHENTIC BRAND INSPECTORS.


The resent change of the traditional marketing style based on the new consumer’s demand which is based on recommendation from genuine products testers, has created a large market of medium scale businesses, who wants to prove their authenticity over competitors. Hence, we have identified a large market size for this program which includes; the over 3.1 registered business brand in Nigeria with their potential customers and entertainment lovers worldwide. And as a result over 400 brands have booked for our service.  This is why the style and the presentation of the show will speak to an audience beyond those already interested in activities within the featured industries.  The over the top demonstrations, weekly challenges, and historical vignettes will be entertaining and informative whether you ever intend to learn about any of the industries covered on the show or not


Currently there is no professionally produced TV series covering brands inspection in Africa that is currently being aired on traditional media or on IPTV networks. Being first into this arena, with a high quality professional production will give the BEST FIVE REALITY TV Series a distinct advantage in terms of market share and sponsorship opportunities. And our affiliation with the United Nations will be an advantage over any upcoming competitor.

This is why we have set up a team of film makers from America, Europe and Nigeria to make the production a global standard. We have also set up a team of digital marketers with reputable track records from England and Nigeria to help us reach over 300 million viewers worldwide with the brand stories. Also we have selected attractive and talented actors from different countries, including singers like Tiwa Savage, RUDE BOY of Square, and controversial actors like, Tonto Dikeh and the Ms World United Nations- Queen Hadassah. To enable us penetrate the global market and to keep the minds of our audience stimulated.


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